Hi everyone, I’m looking to get back into the journalism industry and struggling loads! Can anyone help?

Any tips on the industry also greatly appreciated!

I feel like my creativity is slowly dying in my current role!


  • We have all the tools, resources and channels we need to make something. Now. We don't need to ask for permission, respond to a brief, or wait for a job. We can just get on with what we want to do, what we want to create and what we want to show for ourselves. So make something. Make the thing you've always thought about making. Write the article you've always thought about writing. And share it with the world. Or look into the campaigns you love, develop them further - and share your work with the person, team or agency who worked on the original. Show them what you've got and what you can do.

    The Dots is a good place to create a free profile - industry folk look for creatives there. But why wait? Research the brands, agencies and people you want to work for - and tell them. Through the power of The Dots, Google, Twitter, Facebook (are you really still using it?) and agency websites, contact details are easy to find. Get in touch with whoever inspires you and tell them about yourself. Be interesting and interested. You never know, you might contact someone just as they're looking for someone like you.
  • Hey @Stefani Munro -- I can appreciate how hard landing a job as a journalist can be right now given the state of the industry. I used to be chief creative officer at an agency that hired a lot of ex-journos as content producers. Maybe a slight pivot into content creation rather than journalism might help getting you back into a more creative role that can still leverage your writerly skills and background?

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