Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could share some feedback on my portfolio if you have a moment? I've put the link in the comments :)


  • @Claire-Marie Hoelscher Thank you so much Claire-Marie, really loving the support! Would love to do some collabs with you! I'll drop a connect
  • Your website is stunning! I agree with Teddy's comment; for someone like myself who isn't trained in photography, I can find and see the distinction in your styles, beautiful variety.

    If you ever need help or assistant with a shoot, do let me know! Would love to collaborate and learn.
  • @Kristina Zambrano Thank you for the kind words Kristina! I really this! I've got some more polaroids coming through so I'll be updating it!
  • @Jonathan Dwyer No worries at all John. Well even if it isn't commercial in a professional way like you say it shows your personal touch and creativity in a mudduim different then the '' standart'' frames of what professional is. Deffinately upload more of this is it makes you different and interesting and yu never know who may like this part of the portfolio. Keep it up mate :)

  • @Teddy Dzherekarova Hi Teddy! Thanks so much for the feedback. I completely see what you mean regarding not duplicating content through the categories, I'll get onto that! Appreciate your thoughts on the polaroid section, I wasn't sure if I was going to include it as I guess it's not the most commercial element, but I find it so much fun and it represents a more creative and abstract element within the site.

    thanks again! really appreciate it
  • Hey Johnathan,

    Love the name of your website! Original and catchy.
    The Polaroid section is really nice. It’s rare to see someone having a style with that sort of camera so nicely done.

    Someone once mentioned that it’s good to try not to upload the same content in different categories of a portfolio. It’s just so you show more diverse content. Hope that helps you

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