Hi, I am a freelance illustrator and recent graduate from Arts University Bournemouth. Im looking for feedback on my portfolio.


  • If you're referring to your The Dots porfolio, I've taken a look and I think you've got a really solid start. You have that abstract, editorial style for which a lot of magazines are looking. I think you're illustrated type looks good and while many of your projects are actually part of a single project - the Explore Marrakech one - you might want to expand the type of typography you draw as there's a bit of sameness across projects in there, so try experimenting with a bunch of existing typefaces and putting your own illustrated spin on them. But apart from that it all looks great, keep updating it and, if you don't have projects right now, self-initiate to really drive your portfolio forward. You don't need to label them as personal or student projects, treat them as you would any professional work. Keep going!
  • You have a well defined style with a powerful sense of self, so that's quite an achievement already. It will be exciting to see that wrapped around a finished commercial project, which I'm sure will come very soon for you. My advice would be to keep testing the boundries of your style so you can keep enriching it through your career. Best of luck!
  • Hey! I've seen some of the projects you have here and... wow! You're really good.

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