Hi Network, I've been tinkering around with my portfolio site for a while now and am in need of feedback!

I'm at the point where I desperately need input from other sources as one can only change and edit their own portfolio without any input for so long. Any advice is appreciated, on individual projects or on the layout as a whole.



  • Hey Alex,

    Your portfolio is looking great!

    My only suggestion would be to expand on your "About" section a little more to include a bit more about who you are, so including information on things like:

    • Why did you decide to get into Advertising in the first place?

    • Which campaigns or brand comms have inspired you over the past few years?

    • What kind of campaigns would you love to work on in the future?

    Information like this will give your potential hirers a better idea of the vision you have for your career, along with a feel of your creative style.

    Also, maybe include a bit more about "how" you can help agencies to be better.

    For instance, in this section, you said:

    "This unique experience provided me with insight into the entire creative process from conceptualisation all the way to creation."

    but if you reworded it to:

    "My unique experience in creative processes means I know what it takes to go from concept to creation, ensuring that clients are delighted every step of the way."

    Now this sentence becomes a "hook" for an agency recruiter looking for creatives like you.

    The goal of every agency is to delight their clients (as painful as that is sometimes!), so if you can show that you understand their goals and are willing to contribute towards reaching them, your new employers are much more likely to pay attention!

    Hope that helps,


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