Alexander Cox

Alexander Cox

Creative/Art DirectorZürich, Switzerland
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Alexander Cox

Alexander Cox

Creative/Art DirectorZürich, Switzerland
About me
CREATIVITY CAN MAKE US ALL SANE AGAIN As communicators it is our responsibility to be considerate about what emotions we evoke in the people we talk to. We spend time researching them and understanding them intimately, finding insights that truly connect them with our message. Repeated abuse of this knowledge has contributed to the increase of general sadness, feelings of incompleteness and essentially a public that blindly rushes from purchase to purchase in the hopes of filling the void that mass media has created. This way of communicating cannot last forever, neither mentally, nor ecologically. I want to use my skills as a creative and communicator to guide our society towards a more sustainable mindset. Be this in consideration of how our habits impact the external, or our own, unique, internal environment.
  • MIND - The imperfect avatar
    MIND - The imperfect avatarBRIEF: How can we use Covid19 to instill positive change? (In response to the cream collective 2020 brief)
  • Mitus - Showing Healthy Affection
    Mitus - Showing Healthy AffectionBRIEF: Mitus is a new Home Meal Replacement (HMR) that wanted to find a unique way of launching in the South Korean market. ​ PROBLEM: Married Homemakers feel Stressed and Guilty for not having time to provide a homecooked meal for the family. ​ INSIGHT: That is because, for many Homemakers, the act of cooking is an essential way to show affection. ​ SOLUTION: Mitus promotes showing alternative ways to show affection, that the modern homemaker has time for.
  • #AllTheCruelty
    #AllTheCrueltyThis is a small project I worked on revolving around the day of trans remembrance, as an entry to the young shits awards in August.
    ALXCXI've always been into making music, sound fascinates me. However, usually finishing a track to the point where I can actually release it, is fairly difficult. When moving home after graduating from University, it became a sort of outlet that I hadn't touched for the majority of my time studying so I wanted to get into it again. It all comes with a hint of bitterness about not being able to visit the festivals and parties that summer usually brings. (EDM/Techno/Progressive I believe)
  • Penguin - Books should be for everyone
    Penguin - Books should be for everyoneInstead of recreating our reading experience for people with Dyslexia, we decided to create their very own.
  • Martini - Circles
    Martini - CirclesAn experiential execution for Martini aimed at a more mature audience.
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Projects credited in
  • Drought Awareness
    Drought AwarenessMock-up used for campaign pitch to receive funding to make the campaign to a higher standard (successful).
Work history
    Hybrid CreativeKameleon
     - London, United KingdomInternship
    Worked on the conceptualisation and creation of content for social accounts ranging from Coca Cola to Dreams to Aviva
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Muse
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Concept Creation
  • Writing
  • Advertising
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Production
    Falmouth University logo
    Falmouth University logo
    BA(Hons) Creative AdvertisingFalmouth University
     - Falmouth, United Kingdom
    Graduated with First Class honours.
    Creative Conscience logo
    Creative Conscience logo
    Creative Conscience Winner 2020Creative Conscience
    Winner of a BRONZE Creative Conscience Award in 2020