How are you all doing? Isn't WFH slowly affecting your creativity and mental health?

Everything is soooooooo slow right now. WFH is really starting to drive me crazy. Is it just me?


  • @Michelangelo Torres Same here, I really enjoyed the freedom working from home gave me when I started freelancing but I don't think I've ever spent so much time in my home these past couple of years. As a consequence, I've experienced cabin fever for the first time combined with an aversion to zoom. The lack of face to face conversations, the travel restrictions and challenges associated with living and working in post B Britain and the pandemic as well as the uncertainty we're still navigating though, continue to have an impact on some of us creatives.
    Take care and feel free to keep in touch and drop me an email at
  • @Emily-Jayne Nolan Isn't it just? Same here. I'm also reconnecting with the world after the long christmas break and wanting to concentrate more on long term projects like books and catalogues with the Studio. Going to cafés and co working spaces is filling me with dread. Face to face meetings over coffee have been outside so far well wrapped up with hats, big coats and blankets. Take care and feel free to drop me a line at the studio at
  • @Ben Catchpole Sorry to read you had covid and experiencing long term effects. I've managed to escape it so far but for how long? I've been joining an online course, lectures and also have been reading a lot for the past two years and it has opened a whole new world to me. I find going for a walk in the woods a good way to get away from my screen, keep sane and my creativity going. We'll have to meet up for coffee soon. Drop us a line at Speak soon and take care.
  • I feel you!!

    The slowness is unbearable.

    Just trying to focus on the small things that I can get done for my business, sending out emails to existing clients and for the boredom, making sure I go for a walk everyday etc.

    Need to start pushing myself to work in cafes but the anxiety is high haha!
  • Definitely not just you. I've been forcing myself to do a few online courses. Nothing extravagant or long-term but even they take a monumental effort to start on my part. Thankfully I'm starting my next level pottery classes soon so that should kickstart my creativity a little.

    I have to admit to being a little worried that this prolonged period of WFH & all that comes with it may be something I never fully recover from. Like my sense of smell after Covid.
  • It's perfectly normal.

    As comfortable as it made my home workstation, I miss my previous routine.

    I have always been in favor of remote working, but before Covid I could choose whether to work at home, at Starbucks, in a hotel (when traveling for my job) or in a coworking space which is also the dimension I prefer because it allows me to chat with other coworkers or even have lunch together, while now I take a coffee break in my kitchen and it's not exactly the same :-)

    So this prolonged feeling of uncertainty sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable.

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