• @Michelangelo Torres These people are so shortsighted. It's a small world and a relatively small industry we work in and when things pick up again these people will be left behind. I know for sure I won't be wanting to collaborate with them... Wishing you all the best and keep safe.
  • @Carine Buchanan Hi Carine, honestly, a few months ago I was getting ready for 'the summer of love' and a rebounding economy, but instead, it's just a dull dreary summer with the pandemic hanging around like a drunk party guest who refuses to leave long after everyone else has.
  • @Carine Buchanan yep, time-wasters are evil, but never as much as those who ask to work for free.

    In this case, this guy asked me what my day rate was but without specifying the type of project and the skills required (Editing? Color grading? Filming? Who knows ...), so I replied asking him for some details in more in order to make a more detailed quote, but it's gone. Very unprofessional, in my opinion.

    I did the Moderna thos morning (38°... South Italy summer, what can I say...), my arm hurts a little but if this were the only adverse reaction to the vaccine, it would be just fine. Fingers crossed!
  • @Kevin Banks Same here, the mismanagement of the pandemic in the UK carries on hitting the creative industry really hard and nothing exciting is happening here. I'm looking forward to escaping the UK and feelinginspired again. Another strange summer... how are you doing in the States?
  • @Michelangelo Torres I've always had an issue with time wasters. Somebody contacted me once when on holiday to ask me if I could work on a project with them only to let me know after two days they were expecting me to work for free. I always make a point of replying to emails and keep people updated, always.
    Good luck for tomorrow, I've had my two doses of the Astra Zeneca and although I felt achy tired and unwell after the first dose, I've been absolutely fine.
  • As usual: work, art directors and directors who contact me and then disappear into thin air, looking for a talent agency to represent me, ultimately nothing new.

    And tomorrow morning I will finally have my first dose of Covid vaccine.
  • Tired, busy (in a good way), and trying to stave off self-doubt at all times.
    And you? :-D

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