How do you think this global pandemic and life in lockdown is going to change the way we relate to brands and the commercial world?

As we are experiencing this global pandemic and are all adapting to life in lockdown, what are your thoughts on how this will impact brands and the commercial world?
I feel that authenticity and caring for others matters more than ever now, I’m curious to hear your take on this?


  • More and more consumers are voting with their money as they use their purchasing power to make a positive impact on the world. A recent study showed that a staggering 75% of the British public are cutting down their consumption of products they see as having a harmful impact on the environment or their health including: non-recyclable materials, meat and palm oil. They’re willing to spend a bit more and wait a little longer for a product that stands for what they believe in.

    I like to think that we’re moving into the age of the ‘C’ consumer where C stands for
  • I mean, I'd acknowledge that all of this is pretty insignificant in the context that we're living through an actual pandemic and trying to stop people from dying.
    But, I also agree that we are seeing big changes across society, and it's interesting to speculate on where they might end up. Personally, I'm hoping for:

    A resurgence of small businesses:
    At least where I live, supermarkets ran out of food early on and became hubs for panic buying, while small shops were able to restock much more easily. Now I'm seeing the smaller retailers really pivot to helping people locally: offering deliveries, setting up online shops, really being there for the community in an authentic manner. I hope this proves a turning point for their fortunes.

    An end to meaningless chat about "passion":
    I don't think it's ever been clearer that brands are defined by how they act, not what they say. As a long-time professional writer, I hope that we see more brands thinking about their actual behavior and priorities, rather than the story they're trying to tell.

    And, I don't know, some kind of recognition that selling stuff isn't always the be all and end all. I've been really impressed by the big brands who led on things like closing their stores and restricting online sales, because it was the right thing to do.
  • Brands will have to be authentic, they will potentially have scale back on resources. However,it gives them the opportunity to work really closely with influencers and customers who they think would be good influencers.

    Overall, I think that it is a time for brands to hone in on their values and align with people and causes which they have synergy with.

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