How to network in a new country? (UK)


I moved to the UK to complete my masters in UX design sometime back. I am finding it difficult to get my work seen by fellow creatives for some feedback and hiring managers for employment. Could somebody give me a few pointers on how to do it?




  • Hi Ruben.
    - You could reach out to recruiters and see if they take on new designers. You can then ask directly for portfolio feedback.
    - Check out if there are some portfolio sessions out there. I remember The Dots organised this as well in the past.
    - See if you can find a mentor if you have more specific questions over a longer time period.
    - Share it with a few friends as well: I always love showing my portfolio with someone unreleated to the creative industry. Take it with a pinch of salt of course: but chances are that if they are confused or don't get things quick, others in the industry won't either.

    All the best, k

  • @Sunil Pithwa Thanks that would be great.

    Design talks and events, I'll keep that in mind.

    Yeah, I know. I discovered this platform by accident yesterday, and it has been wonderful so far.
  • Hey Ruben I’d be happy to connect and go through your work.

    In terms of networking here I’ve always found design talks and events the best way to meet the community.

    And of course all the lovely people on The Dots too.

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