I am looking for some tips for designing CV / Resumé layout.

I am supposed to be a photographer, concept art director & visual artist in general... but when it comes to designing a CV I am literally useless. I've been working on it for the past 2 hours and literally nothing useable. At this point, any kinf of help would be highly appreciated.


  • A few examples of portfolio sites I like:
    https://www.beetroot.gr/ (the coolest Greek graphics shop)
    https://www.manosch.net/ (established comercial photog)
    https://www.lungo.dk/ (full disclosure, that's my brother :) )
  • I'm with @Geoffrey Bunting. If I am hiring, I just want clean, simple and attractive, meaning classic, easy to read typefaces, proper spacing, clear headings, uniform formatting. I do NOT want crazy typefaces, glaring colors, purple text on tourquoise, triangular text boxes etc.
    If I want to see you work, I will ask for a portfolio. Put your design effort there, and a link to it in your CV.
  • Keep it simple and readable. Don't design it, employers in creative arts receive so many over-designed CVs and it's just not necessary and will likely see it thrown in the bin. Your portfolio speaks for your work, your CV is an accessible list of everything relevant you've done - be it education, experience, etc.
  • @Geoffrey LeMond This is the best web app to come out in a long time. While it locks you into templatized formats, it takes all of the design noodling out of the equation and allows you to focus on the content. Also tells you what to put in your CV which can also be daunting at times if you're multi-skilled/productive.

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