I am looking to start a career in communications/ marketing. I have a background in film production and would love advice on where to start!

I have previous experience as a production assitant on feature films and as an executive assistant with a production company.

I am extremely organised and have project management experience, but I'm struggling to get my foot in the door. I've had several interviews for entry-level marketing jobs or roles in media agencies and the feedback tends to be "would fit in well here, but skillset is not quite right".

A lot of my previous roles contain elements of marketing and comms, and I do feel this is clearly outlined on my CV, however, something isn't quite working!

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make the change between industries? Is there a way I can get around not having the perfect job titles on my CV?

Any advice is hugely appreciated!


  • Thank you for your response.

    I have previously written promotional broadcast scripts for The Walt Disney Company as part of my Marketing internship and copy for small campaigns since, but nothing in the way of press releases or PR material.

    I'm particularly interested in Internal Comms and developing an understanding of business and brand operations that way, I'm equally interested in supporting Marketing campaigns and working across teams to meet deadlines (which I'm very used to doing!)

    My skills and interests lie more the 'project management' side of the industry rather than the creation of content.

    Would you say there are certain job titles I would be better off looking into rather than Marketing Assistant or Communications Coordinator roles? I've also looked into Junior Project Coordinator positions which I haven't had too much luck with.
  • Do you have any writing experience and a few clippings?
    Marketing&Comms is a huge area, ranging from churning out twitter feeds to writing PRs or speeches for the CEO. That is without touching direct PR, in the form of arranging news briefings and maintaining networks of journalists.
    It might help to narrow down where in the process you would like to be and why, then focus in on the necessary skills.

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