I just recently updated my portfolio again. I am wondering if anyone can please give me a critique on it. www.trikutinaresh.com Thank you!


  • @CatweazleMagic . Thats a great piece of advice and I will follow up on it ASAP ! Thank you :)
  • hey Trikuti,

    I did a quick review, your resume looks like a brick and mortar wall. especially the text in the left top. What happend to the allineas? Where did they go?
    Give it some air and space, please. Btw. that goes for all text.

    Also, I can't find any real info about the human who is hiding after the website and the sunglasses. You don't have to tell everything about your youth and grandma. But give them a litle taste of who you are what makes you tick, jump out of bed and what sparks joy to you.

    The Territory Studio womb and the RSA animations themselves I think are good. But only the annimations will do. The sepparate fragments I think are overkill and I personally wouldn't show them; they don't supply any extra information.
  • Hey Trikuti!

    Your portfolio looks good and it's very minimalistic, you can try to make retro and vintage designs if you like
  • Hey Trikuti, it looks good.
    The JDO project looks like a professional piece, well put together, and a nice idea. Would be ace if the packaging could actually be made from banana leaves!
    It feels like a step change from the previous projects.
    Now to be blunt, I'd be tempted to remove the Territory Studio womb animation, it doesn't really do much, and the drawing of the characters/developing human are a bit rough.
    Any more projects you can pick up (or carry out anyway) with the finish of the JDO example is a good way to go.
    Do you want to go into branding/packaging? It's a commercial use of your talent... Alternatively, illustration can see you pick up some interesting work in agencies.
    Keep going!

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