I'm a Filmmaker with cine-quality kit and time on his hands, let's collaborate!

If anyone has an interesting creative project that they want to collaborate on, let me know!

I'm especially interested in projects with a documentary, music or fashion angle.
Jack Hughes Video Producer - Director
  • Film Producer
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director


  • Sheena Brobbey Art Director
    Would love to connect and talk about a possible collab. I'm always brimming with ideas, but also totally keen to brainstorm an idea from scratch! on insta @sheenabrobbey and website
  • Kourtney Lohn Photographer/ Content Creator
    Hey Jack! I have an upcoming project I think you might be interested in working on together, feel free to DM me @kourtneylohn on IG or via email kourtneylohn@gmail.com
  • Elizabeth Owen Perry Makeup Artist
    Hi Jack,
    I'm a hair and makeup artist with some free time coming up later in November, always keen to collaborate. Check out my work on ,
    Get in touch!
  • Rémi Brossier Music Composer
    Hi Jack,
    My name is Rémi and I’m a 34 year old composer.
    Here’s my website:
    I mostly do cinematographic classical/orchestral based music but I also enjoy to fuse that with other music genres and styles.

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