I'm currently considering doing a MA in Graphic Design. If you have done an MA in Graphic Design? Have you got any advice?

Do you have any advice on what to expect? Has it helped improve your career oppertunities? Was it a big step up from undergraduate? It would be lovely if you could share any experiences you have. Thank you x


  • Hi Georgia!

    I graduated with MA degree last year and tbh it was worth it! I also agree with the comment below; think why you want to do it. For me personally it was about being around people and getting my hands on every facility I could. I did my BA in a remote settings so I didn't get to experiment with different print techniques etc.

    I also had an amazing tutor and through having series of feedback and conversation I can say that it helped me enormously to know how to approach the brief, talk about the design, play with the process.. the list goes on.

    I also love giving feedback and consulting with students. Having done an MA enables me to teach, which I consider to do in the future.
  • My principle pieces of advice would be make sure you know why you're doing it and, if you do go for it, make sure you're on a course that's worth it. Not all degrees are made equal.

    I took on an MA to get into lecturing and while I was doing it the goalposts changed and now more and more you need a PhD, rendering it mostly worthless. This was made worse by the fact that I was on a really poor course. That being said, I was carried through by having a clear objective.

    If I'm honest - and it's something that no course is going to tell you - qualifications are pretty useless. Yes, having BA or MA next to your name is fine, but the quality of those qualifications mean nothing when the mention of them in job descriptions are about checking boxes. I've certainly not had my career prospects improved by an MA and I'm yet to see a job that lists one as a requirement - perhaps more academic careers would.

    In terms of its difference to a BA, I didn't really see much. If anything my BA was far more demanding - but then I was on an especially poorly put together course as I had to do it online.

    On the whole, if you're looking for a reason to stay in school, you're better off moving on and perhaps revisiting it later. If you have an actual goal in mind, for which an MA is essential, then do it. But if you're thinking about another qualification for a design career, the MA probably won't help as much as getting into work and getting some experience.

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