I'm looking for a mentor or someone I can get a bit of guidance/understanding from in terms of navigating the creative industry

As an upcoming product design graduate I feel a bit lost in terms or where to go/what I need to focus on and more. Unfortunately I have no clue where to start and would be so grateful if someone was able to just give me a bit of advice.


  • @Andrea Lennon This programme looks great! Unfortunately I don't have up to 2 years of being in the industry just yet as I am only graduating this year. But i will definitely keep this bookmarked. Thankyou!
  • Hi Feyi,

    this might be useful:

  • Hi Feyi - Who's Your Momma is a great free mentor matching programme https://www.shesayswhosyourmomma.com/
  • Hey Feyi!
    Congratulations first of all on graduating successfully!
    I am a brand strategist, and a student as well (I share a little bit of the overwhelm lol). I have been happily running and growing my one person business as a solopreneur with clients from across the globe, and I have experience in finding jobs as well. Would be happy to have a virtual coffee over zoom sometime and to share what I know :)

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