I'm wanting to hire an intern to help with transcribing interviews and creating podcasts for The Sassy Show. Where can I advertise this?

The Sassy Show is a multimedia platform promoting women x in the creative industry.

As a News and Entertainment website, The Sassy Show curates bespoke online features, photoshoots, short docs and interviews with women from around the world.

The Sassy Show is elevating into the next stage of hosting a podcast and I'm in need of an intern to assist the production and editing of audio. Experience required, preferably a musical ear. Would be great if they like mixing beats too!

I am also looking for a writer to transcribe audio interviews into written quotes and assist in the creative copy for blog posts and social media posts.

Please do let me know if you know anyone who would be interested. Or any advise of where I can reach out to students and people wishing to have work experieince.

Many thanks
@ Bx Sassy


  • Hi there! I'm incredibly interested. I'm avaliable immediately, and would love to hear more. You can contact me at Isabellatesler@hotmail.com. Thanks :-)
  • I might be way too late for this but would love to transcribe some audio files for you! I currently transcribe interviews I undertake for my magazine, and due to my extensive background in writing have become quite a fast and efficient typist. Let me know what u think.
  • Hi Bethany

    I am a recent Illustration graduate from AUB. I've become really interested in projects about women and I'd like to develop my portfolio further during Covid-19. I'd be grateful if we could chat.

    Could we connect?
  • Hi @Bethany Burgoyne I am an independent filmmaker with experience in producing, directing and editing short films and social media content! Additionally, I am also an anthropologist with experience in transcribing large volumes of recorded interviews. I would love to help you with transcribing audio interviews and editing short doc content if needed! You can check out my work at my website (www.candicejiang.com)

    Please feel free to reach me at my email: candicejiang97@gmail.com

    Thanks :)
  • Hello Bethany,
    This sounds like a great opportunity!
    I'm always looking for a new podcast to listen to and currently transcribe professionally. Very Social Media savvy, so glad to collab on that side too. Love to hear more. Feel free to contact: Antoinetteaorr@gmail.com
  • Hello, Bethany! I'm Iluustrator and motion designer. It would be great to collaborate with you.
    Feel free to contact me. I would love to work with you!
    Have a nice day!
  • Hello Bethany! I'm an experienced transcriber and also a VERY thorough copy editor and writer. Let me know if I could help out - I've got oodles of time on my hands. Thanks! Frankie
  • Hi Bethany! I have many years of experience in podcasting so I'll be happy to help you with The Sassy Show, and I would also transcribe the audio interviews and help create blog posts. Email me on rooscarreiram@gmail.com if you would like to speak further.
  • Hi Bethany, I’d be really interested to hear more about this. Please feel free to connect and message me on here.

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