I’ve been out of work for a while now. How do I get back into it and promote myself if I haven’t posted anything for a long time?

Amidst Covid and having a baby I took a long break from my work and passion. I’m now finally getting back to myself and I want to get back into what I truly love to do. I haven’t posted any work on my social media pages for a few months and i haven’t been present for clients to know I’m still active. How do I now get back into my services and promote myself if my pages have pretty much been neglected?


  • The Dots is a great place to start. ;-) Although, it's primarily built for creatives. If you're looking to expand your professional network, I recommend LinkedIn!
  • @Sharon Callcut I’m a bit too late, my son will be 2 in may and I’ve taken normal mum pictures on my phone so none are really portfolio worthy nor would I like to show my son in my work etc but thank you for the idea
  • Congratulations on your new baby! What a great reason to have some time away. I doubt, as a photographer, that you don't have a selection of beautiful shoots of your newborn. So there's your project, and what a wonderful one. I'd select a few of your favourites and show them with a message that you've been away working on building your family. No one will question this and will admire you for your honesty. I know I would.
  • Ha! I did the same, I shot a series of my gran lifting a car and bending metal bars for a college project " Supergran". Here's my latest personal project about living in Czech.

  • @Frazer Waller that was beautiful thank you. Reminded me when I did a documentary of my grandma. I remember the feeling so definitely will do this again and update!
  • @Sesilla Perkone I've stepped out also from my career and have only been dipping my toe back into work now and then. The first year I didnt want to pick up my camera but after a while, and the new surroundings I'm in, have been documenting my everyday life. It's helped to bring back my passion for photography and start looking for new clients too. Maybe working on a personal project might help you. But like you mentioned collaborating with people too to help build a new folio. No harm in sharing old shots you are proud of too?
  • @Laszlo Konkoly
    My instagram is : sesetvofficial

    With the time away from photography I wouldn’t say I have a field anymore. I’m open to it all and just see where my skill never left If that makes sense.
    I enjoy street and urban photography. I have experience in all fields if I’m honest. After this comment I realised I need to narrow down and see which photography type I’d like to move forward with.
  • @Sesilla Perkone what is your field let me try you help you? Send me old work of yours or website or smth might come up with some ideas to you. Never know
  • @Sesilla Perkone think 2-3 field you know about it or look at your old stuff and get inspiration. You gotta have smth!
  • @Laszlo Konkoly that’s lovely advice for someone who has work to post. I’ve been out of work for 2+ years now with no personal work inbetween so i don’t have anything to be posting. Only way for me is to reach out and do free work to build my portfolio back up again. Great advice but not for this post particularly
  • @Lala Mc I totally agree with you!

    If I could just add my opinion, wouldn't it be great to read what experiences she gained during this break (from a personal point of view)?

    I always love to read people honestly writing about their challenges as humans, I think that these experiences shape the professional identity too.
  • Pick your field and your target audience and start posting on several platforms. Consistency!
  • @Lala Mc thank you for your reply I will definitely try this and see what happens from there
  • Hi Sesilla. Are your clients aware of the reason why you was inactive? If not, perhaps you could make a post (on whichever social media you are on) briefly explaining why you was out of work, and then let your current clients know you are offering your services again, and also this can create awareness to potentially draw in new clients. Hope this helps and good luck!

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