If you were looking for a freelancer in Brand Design, what would you be looking for? Ex: creativity, soft skills, technical skills, etc

I'm quite strugglying to find more freelance work, that's why I'm asking this to all of you.

I want to know what most agencies and other designers would be looking for a in a freelancer, so I can improve those things and maybe find more work.

If you could give me your opinion, I would really appreciat it!


  • Great question.

    I would look for the following points..

    - If a a brand designer could get to know or understand the base essence of the brand and create a vision around it ..is the most important aspect of great Brand Designer. How he visualizes the brand is one of the most important aspects. If you imagine Facebook, whatsapp an instant brand image occurs on your mind either the brand is quirky, serious, binge foodie (like mc donalds) etc

    - Getting on the design part is a second aspect in which the designer would have to play with colors and then create a cosnsitency in design considering the apsect of a single family of branding in terms of letter heads, logos visitng cards etc.

    - Soft skills and technical skills are like easily available but if you could find the above two points in a freelancer he/she could be great candiate

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  • Hi Soraia,

    One thing I would mentioned that still haven't been touched. Most of agencies when they look for freelancers they have specific brief to be filled. So they will look for people who is the best match for. As an example I got to work with Ogilvy because they had a brief for Halls and they wanted rgb glitching effects in the creative. Although I had zero experience in advertising before they got me in as I knew the effect.

    So it's always good to have some kind of speciality and approach agencies who could be interested in that. Hope it helps.

    Feel free to check out my work on 4nn414@gmail.com
  • I like this question @Soraia Soares. These titles are quite fluid unline "Anesthesiologist" or "Chief Aeronautical Engineer" however design titles like "UX/UI" or "App front-end designer" also label very specific roles.

    Branding is a very overarching concept and I believe it​'​s about hierarchy.
    T​here are a lot of amazing designers (just looking here and Behance it's hard not to be impressed) but lots of designers are fantastic technicians. ​The question is who is giving the instructions?

    In my opinion, a Brand designer not only intimately understands the construct of a brand but anticipates and factors in brand challenges into the design. Fluid things like, "how does this design reflect our positioning?" or "what feeling will this layout leave the viewer?" and those solutions are coming from the designer included in the designs, not top down from the Brand people. And while strategy is more planning and design is more doing, finished designs can carry anticipated "brand" elements. As Walter Landor famously said: "Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind."
  • Hi Soraia. I would be looking for a combination of the above but the best way to judge those skills is through the work in their portfolio. That's how you can see the standard of the work, if they've done similar projects before and judge their level of seniority. I've also noticed that you have Brand Strategist in your title here rather than designer. I would make it very clear what it is that you can do/what it is that you are looking for in your title. Hope this helps! Tamryn
  • @Soraia Soares absolutely. Creating other opportunities for yourself is key. Happy to take this offline if you wanted and we can chat somemore.
    Give me an email on hello@tashowell.com
  • @Tash Howell For a year now I have only worked directly with clients, because I started my own one-agency here in Brazil. But I would like to have an opportunity as a freelancer in other agencies.

    I understand it's really hard nowadays, but I think if I have the right skills and presentation, maybe I could have an opportunity. I can be wrong, but I like to think positively :)

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