Illustrator/animator needed for mental health project.

This is a paid project, not a freebe. I need time/cost estimates so please message me if interested. I have a source animation as a reference and can supply all details. Thanks.


  • Hello Jon

    My name is Marcela Ibarra, I’m a freelance graphic designer & illustrator based in Mexico. I’m looking to team up with creative agencies and offer my services. I came across your listing on The Dots and decided to share my portfolio.

    Regarding the specific style showcased in my portfolio, I consider myself a versatile designer who can can support initiatives across different industries. This may range from organic and colorful to old-fashioned and corporate.

    Based on the services you provide, I believe my abilities could add value to your team. I’m open for a quick discussion if you have any questions.

    Looking forward to hearing from you
  • Hi Jon - have sent you a message.

    Take a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think -

    Would love to hear more!
  • Hi Jon! Just sent you a message, here's a copy of my portfolio for your reveiw:
  • Hey Jon! I’m Yağmur. I’m an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator. I have worked with many brands including Adobe, L’Officiel, A2IM Libera Awards and Adidas.
    You can find similar projects on my website:
    Feel free to send me a message or e-mail.
  • Hello Jon,
    I hope all is good.
    I am interested to know more about your project.
    Mental health is one of the subjects that I always research and illustrate about.

    Here are some links to mental health-related work:

    You can see more of my work at
    You can reach me at
    Thank you,

  • Hi Jon. I'm a skilled illustrator/animator and I'd love to hear more about your project. Check out my site here:
    All the best, Tom
  • Afternoon Jon,

    One of my goals is to find projects where I can use my skills to talk about the invisibles or the unheard, give a voice to those people.Here is my website, feel free to reach out at if you would like to start with a chat:

    A lovely day,
  • Hi John I'm interested! Here's my site: please reach out if you're interested!
  • Hi Jon,

    I’m a freelance multimedia artist and would love to collaborate on this. Here is a link to my portfolio:

    This is an animation I made a couple of years ago with the topic of mental health:

  • Hi Jon, nice to e-meet you!

    I'm an illustrator from Barcelona, Spain, with many years of experience illustrating for advertising, fashion, editorial and publishing. I would love to collaborate on your project and to know more details.

    Here's my illustration portfolio where you will also see works of animation:

    If you're interested in my style, do not hesitate to contact me at, it would be a pleasure!

    Natàlia Pàmies
  • Hello! The topic of mental health is in my portfolio
    I'm ready to cooperate
  • Hello! The topic of mental health is in my portfolio
    I'm ready to cooperate
  • Hello Jon,

    I would love to hear more about this project :) here’s my portfolio to see my style:

    If you think I would be a good fit then you can contact me at

  • Hi Jon,

    I’m an illustrator and I’d be very interested in working with you on this project. My previous project focused on the everyday process of grief and how it can affect a young person mentally.
    You can see the project here:
  • Hi Jon,

    I'm Alice and I'm an illustrator, motion artist and designer.

    I've worked with clients such as Nando's, BBC, Kraken Rum, Taste Cadets but have more importantly worked with E4 on an episide of RESET REWIND which explores themes of anxiety, depression and how young people can deal with negative thinking. Please find the episode linked here:

    You can find my most recent illustration deck below:

    If you would like to work together please contact me at
  • Hi Jon,

    My name is Dele and I work as an Illustrator and Animator
    I have worked on a mix of commercials, music videos and kids tv shows.
    One of my last projects was some animation for a mental health app along the lines of headspace.
    I would definitely like to know more about this project with your refs

    Here is a link to my portfolio:

    Looking forward to your reply
    Kind regards


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