In the process of creating the website for my photography portfolio. Any tips?


  • Keep it really simple. Use the screen real estate to good effect and think about making it as easy as possible to navigate. Of equal importance, if not greater, is to think about what you actually want to use the website for and keep that in mind as you create it. In other words what to you want your website users do - what is your goal?
  • Hello Karissa,
    I hope you are well. My advice would be to look at photographers websites you love as a benchmark. Personally when I'm looking for photographers I love a website with large photos where you feel immersed in the work but I also love the option of a grid view per series to have a scope of the quality and consistency of work. There is a great portfolio website option too with Adobe Portfolio where you can upload your photos to Behance and then directly onto the portfolio website with Adobe. It's great and clean and a good base for a start if you don't have the budget yet for a custom developed website. I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing your website. all my best


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