In these times of crisis, what are some interesting ways you're seeing small businesses and brands pivot in their fight for survival?

I'd like to use this as inspiration for some pitching.


  • As we all know, small & medium businesses make up 99.9% of all private sector businesses in the UK, but they are under threat, now more than ever. With this in mind I have launched SME: SOS as a free resource to empower small businesses with the latest information & highlight the help available to them.

    I particularly enjoyed chatting with John Vincent who is the co-founder of LEON and an all-round interesting and inspiring man. John has reacted quickly to the crisis, and LEON's Feed Britain movement has done exactly that.
  • Condé Nast are hosting online events (we have a happy hour Instagram Live with GQ this evening). Nearly all of our titles are free for this month to download. We're using this time to gain readership, re-engage and offer discounted or online magazines. Many online companies are using this time to allow companies to use their services free of charge which in the future could lead to strong partnerships. The main takeaway from everything though is whatever we can do to help our communities survive this, we're doing primarily to help each other get through to the other side. Community, community, community.
  • We've moved all of our content online (like most companies that used to run in-person events) and are now exploring a digital offering. On the side, I have started working on a few service that helps match startups / small businesses with academic students and people looking for voluntary work experience in new industries.
  • @lisaroolant Telemedicine, patient monitoring throughmobile phone dongles (smart watches, smart glycemia patches, smart thermometers, etc), remote surgery... This could be most relevant now as we are seeing the effects of COVID-19 on the heart muscle, for example. There are numerous steps that coulde be taken to bring medicine and healthcare to the next level. A medtech revolution, so to say!
  • Lisa! Hope you're well love!

    I've been impressed by the pivot brands are doing in the time of Covid-19. From regular content on a human level much like Sam mentioned below. Sharing their stories in this time and their struggles (if any) helps with this. Many are pivoting by taking their offering and doing good - virtual offerings of classes through lives; or helping locally in their spaces - foo brands offerings delivery services to vulnerables for example.
  • I've seen a few pivots with fresh approaches to content strategies. Doing more regular content which communicates with their consumers on a human level. Telling their story. Giving honest insights into their business, with tutorials and things to do while working from home.
  • So many a reconsidering their business models within the same industry, and some within the medical community are looking towards tech to provide a deeper understanding of care they are providing while not being face-to-face with the patient

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