Interested in circular design and creative spaces ?, anyone fancy discussing how this could become a possibility for a city in the UK?

Seen this great iniative in Berlin, wondered if there are ways we can bring this to our own communities?


  • @Frankie Morton This is something I've just been looking into myself. Also I believe there is viability in the rental idea - I'm currently a member of a tool library (can pay to rent tools/equipment), the concept works and can be expanded to other categories. Would definitely love to discuss this further.
  • @HJ Fantaskis I completely agree locally owned or co-op it was more they have a online service in place that works well with second hand items other than local charities i.e oxfam etc.
    I also hope that we can get to a stage where no household items are wasted and as you're saying a way where someone can trade or receive a item no longer needed. Working with offices, hospitality and retail, I also know these sorts of resources are also wasted, and require larger numbers of such items.
    When I say 'rented', there is a smaller uptake in items being rented, like a hoover/sofa etc which is good for shorter leases and people that rent apartments. It would be good if that ypu've described also had a section where people can rent and return items that are then upcycled or repaired to be rented again.
  • Interesting. I was attracted to the state-owned model, rather than expanding a for-profit company. I wonder if a co-op / locally-owned model would do more good.

    I've got this dream of an upcycling service which people can call for free to collect their trash, and the pick up team essentially comes along and picks up the sellable stuff / stuff with potential, but leaves behind _actual trash_. I keep seeing people dumping household stuff by bins, thinking 'with a good clean and nicely presented, that could find a good home'.

    I'm not sure I follow what you mean about the "ability to rent as well" ?
  • @HJ Fantaskis I reckon so
    There's also looking at how exisiting services like Gumtree and Ebay can become shopped commercially as it's not just residential builds we're looking at but hospitality and retail. Also not just upcycling, the ability to rent aswell perhaps?
  • This is sick! I wonder what we'd need to kickstart one in the UK. Off the top of my head:

    Commercial space + customer-face space
    Waste collection + sorting
    Visual merchandising + selling

    Three threads there. I guess the most challenging part is UK retail is on its knees with COVID-19, and I don't see that changing with a lockdown coming at the end of the month. But: upcycling and reusing is our best shot at getting through the recession, which tells me that this idea has legs -- particularly if it wasn't in London; maybe Manchester or Liverpool?

    What do you think a UK version could look like?

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