Just updated my website www.margaretashley.com any comments of further improvements or amendments?


  • @Gavin Kemp ahha thank you. Think I’m going to change it to the evocative voice! I was trying to get across that I could do just what you say, ageless, versatile and experienced , but apparently versatile is a turnoff expression for voice casters ! Will have to have a think re colours!;)

  • To me your voice is ageless, versatile and professional. I have a medical brand I work for and I've hired for them.

    Personally I would avoid blue and yellow right now because they are the colurs of the Ukranian flag - there is nothing wrong with them as colours, or the Ukranian flag but from a branding perspective I'd suggest not right now.

  • @Gavin Kemp thank you exactly what I was looking for, lots for me to work on there. I am currently trying to get to grips with a template site and changing colours probably to blue and maybe yellow as apparently they say fun and joyful. Out of interest what does my voice say to you, what would you be hiring me for?

  • Hi Margret,

    I have had a quick look, there is clearly allot of work gone in in terms of the construction of the site simply because of the amount of information there.

    For me there is way too much information to get to what I want to find quickly.

    I would focus the information on the key things you want to say, and your key target markets. In the absence of a designer I would also go for a template site too – that will force you to simplify it.

    The strap line worries me – ‘the voice of experience’ to me it says ‘provides older voices’ thats not what your work says.

    I agree the colours need to go, make it black type and well designed, men if they are colour blind usually struggle with red or green.

    Speaking as a photographer the headshot on the front page is poor primarily because it’s not relevant to the site and it’s not a very good shot, you don’t look comfortable, and what’s the trench coat doing there? The head shot on your services page is absolutely right for your front page and that’s where it should be. It shows you at work in a studio with a very sophisticated microphone and baffle (I don’t know the right word) – and you look like an experienced and highly professional voice artist. That shot tells me almost all I need to know about you and your skills, experience and ability – after that a few good demo’s a couple of blue chip clients and a couple of awards and I’ll be on the phone. On what you have at the moment you would be on the possible’s list – and I hire VO artists!

    The text, it need to me to be far more succinct, conversational/chatty does not work it takes to long to get to what you want to know. Some of the language does not work for me.

    What you have done well on the front page is the call to action but put your phone number and e-mail beside it so someone can act on the front page. Also don’t repeat things, I would also change ‘Demo’s’ to ‘Portfolio and Samples’ – I would change ‘Clients’ to ‘Awards and Clients’.

    You could do everything you need on a single page flat site, simplify it, focus it and that will give it impact.

    I don’t mean to be harsh, but I would refine things.

  • @Daniel Hawley-Lingham wow, thanks, that's a lot to think about, I hadn't realised I had different colours thought it was just green, gold and the red call to action. Will certainly give it a good look now. Appreceiate your time and advise.
  • @Margaret Ashley Did you use the GoDaddy web builder? It's a good effort. It might benefit from some profesisonal input. There are one or two technical issues and the design could be refined.

    Some quick wins:
    Reduce the number of colours you have for text - I count at least 6 (this includes your body text colour, menu links, hover colour, hyperlink text colour, action button colour, active page font colour - I'd say they clash a little and from as userability perspective could be a little confusing - what's clickable and what isn't...

    I would say you don't need a logo - just have your name - it would show confidence and a little design refinement - your logo green clashes with the award off-green (to my eyes)

    Put your best voice recording front and centre - let it be the first thing people interact with.

    Mid term... (a little more expensive)
    Use a web framework like WordPress with a theme template that suits your style. (see exmaple below).

    Longer term... (most expensive)
    Get professional input. Everyone has the potential to benefit from this - if your skills are voice acting and you can afford it, let someone with design skills help you create a cleaner and effective looking site.


    I can see there is some element of screen responsiveness on your site but what it's actually doing is reducing with size of the text to somewhat unreadable sizes. There are various reasons why this might not be a great thing to do.

    Here's an example of a site template I found that is relatively simple and very professional http://preview.themeforest.net/item/voices-html-template-for-voice-over-tallents/full_screen_preview/21190088

    I hope that helps you a little

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