Looking for advice about selling the proprietary rights of one of my illustrations.

A company is interested in buying the proprietary rights (for all time) of one of my illustrations.
It’s an AR piece. So there is the digital illustration (that they can print) and the the AR animation.

Does anyone know how it all legally works and what price ranges would be realistic for these kind of deals?

Thank you very much for your help!


  • Hey @Ronnie Rennoldson, my apologies for the slow reply. Thank you for your insights, they make sense and is a good system to calculate the asking amount. Will definitely use this strategy. Thanks!
  • The advice I received from my accountant was to dispassionately view the work as a profit generating entity. To then calculate the average annual profit you would anticipate over a three-year period (selling say 10 a year and making £100 profit on each sale would equate to £1000 profit annually).
    Then start by asking 5 times that amount for an exclusive copyright licence and reproduction rights, meanwhile retaining ownership of the work, allowing yourself to be negotiated down to 3 times if you feel you really just want the deal.
    This would value a piece between £3000 and £5000.
    As my work is not reproduceable, I have not managed to use this but, if I could I would use this strategy.
    Hope that this helps
  • @Emilie Chen Hey Emilie! 👋🏼 I certainly did and it they were really helpful. I was more looking for people who have done this and how they experienced signing away the rights to their work.

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