Looking for brands and individuals to help us realise 'Amplify', the Ghana pavilion at London Design Biennale2021 - www.amplifyghana2021.com

Es Devlin is the artistic director and has chosen ‘Resonance’ as the exhibition’s theme. In response, we are collaborating to create an installation, titled Amplify. The project explores the conversation between Ghana and two of its former colonial rulers, Britain and Denmark, over four centuries. A site-specific concept; the architecture and 450-year history of Somerset House provide the perfect foil for the project. It is an exploration of what might have been, had the relationship between Ghana and its former colonisers been fair and mutually beneficial, contrasted with the reality of pillage and exploitation. Please see here a render of the pavilion concept. The project was also recently featured in the New York Times.

The exhibit will explore and manipulate; materials, space, light and textures. Amplify will suggest an equilibrium of environmental and cultural sensitivity that resonates with the 21st century. The concept expands through and beyond creativity, forcing us to reconsider the value of conceptual and socio-economic equilibrium. Amplify holds both historic and future relevance in the West and the Global South. Recent global events have brought to the fore the urgent need for global societal and institutional dialogue and trade. Amplify demonstrates the power of creative thinking to bring about social change and trigger cultural debate. The installation will speak to our collective humanity. It will offer a vision of hope for a better tomorrow, at a time when it is most needed.


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