Looking for commercial work as a freelance creative in the illustration and animation sectors :) Any advice would be amazing!

As a recent graduate, I am on the look out for creative opportunities to commericalise my design portfolio and gain valuable industry experience.


  • @Georgia Pedley They're generally freelance opportunities, so maybe platforms like Gumtree or Twitter. Actually, you'll see some jobs on The Dots: https://the-dots.com/asks/search/latest#noscroll I'm a Web Developer and writer rather than an animator, so I just see these opportunities in passing. Alternatively, type "HTML5 ads" into a search engine, see which companies offer them as part of their service, and apply for a position with them.
  • There are a reasonable number of jobs for HTML5 ads, which generally translates as animated ads. I'd say that might be a route to explore.

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