Looking for creative freelance animators that work alone & from scratch!


I've been approached by a fantastic charity in Nottingham to produce four or five 2-3 minute animations about knife crime.

This is a non profit project that will be shown in schools around Nottinghamshire and hopefully the UK! It will be paid and you will also be able to proudly display it as work that you have done.

I am the director, producer and sound designer for this project and we are currently trying to source funding so that we can pay animators and the knife crime victims that we will interview.

I promise to never request insultingly low rates (trust me I've been there!) and would like to know how much people would charge for a 2-3 minute story driven animation. Funding for charitable projects like this is tight and I'd love to know in advance how much people usually charge.

If you are a senior full time animator I reccomend skipping this post as your rates may be too big for the budget!

If you are an animator that has their own style and think that this would be a cool project please get in touch!

About the project:

We will cut interviews into 2-3 minute stories (one animator for each). The stories will always consist of a situation involving a stabbing and the interviewer turning their life around. This will be the victim's real voice and also a video for reference if you wish to represent them correctly.

The animation will be describing what is being spoken, but it can be abstract, fun and creative. This will be for kids, it will need to be creative! Hence why I'm asking on here rather than a company! I know some of you may have a unique animation style that doesn't require months of planning and will be perfect for this project.

This project will finish around September time and possibly start in a month.

Please don't expect me to respond to anyone immediately for this reason, but please like or comment if you are interested!

All the best,



  • Hi Ed,

    Senior full-time animator here who's just started up a new side-collab looking for projects just like this! And yes, I read the full brief above including the part about rates :)

    If you feel we could be a match, we'd love to hear from you :)


  • Thanks everyone! The project is not due to start for a month at least, it will be great for me to come back to this thread when the time comes!
  • Hi Ed

    This sounds like a really rewarding project to be a part of and I'd love to hear more about it. I'm a freelance animator and illustrator and I've been fortunate enought to be involved in a range of projects that have required creating assets for a project from scratch and then animating them.

    I could see character animation working well in this project and I am very comfortable designing, rigging and animating characters. I just finished animating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as pizza characters!

    You can see my work at http://kitsinclair.com

  • Hi Edward,

    I hope this finds you well. This sounds like a fun project!

    I’d love to work on this project. I’ve been a freelance animator for 6 years working with a variety of clients from different industries. Please find an example of an animation I creative directed, designed and animated for Johnson & Johnson and also a link to my showreel below:

    Sample work: https://vimeo.com/288974322

    Showreel: https://vimeo.com/431503856

  • Hello Ed,

    Am really interested in this project. My preferred style of animation which I think tonally would fit well to this project is atmospheric and textural lino printmaking. However I have animated five music video commissions with varying styles, so would be open to any other techniques.
    Here's my website if you want to have a look : https://www.hollyminajones.com/

    All the best,
  • Hi Ed!

    This project sounds like real really interesting!

    I am a graphic artist working with collage and mixed media. I have previous experience working as assistant in animation and I also do my own experiments with it.

    Currently studying after effects so that could be a great opportunity for practising in a professional way.

    My style, let’s say, it would be more abstract/collage/rotoscoping animation rather than traditional cartoonish like 2d.

    Please, have a look at my work and it will be a pleasure to discuss possibilities, fees and everything else with you.




    Really hoping to hear back from you!

    Have a great weekend



  • Hi Ed!

    This would be the perfect project for me. In my current position as a motion designer at so.fa.dog, I've been giving life to animated illustrations of my own for various mini documentaries.

    Please, feel free to check my reel and some other projects at hassanderaoui.com

    Thanks for the opportunity! I'd love to hear from you.
  • I'm into it - you can see my work here:
  • Hi Edward! Sounds like a really interesting project to work on. I'm a Mexican illustrator and 2D animator based in London, recently graduated from the RCA. I'd love to work together and hear more about the project!
    You can see a bit of who I am and what I do here:


    For two years, two friends and I have run a small animation studio back home in Mexico. Here's a bit of our work together:

    Promotional animated video for Xcaret Arte Hotel in Playa del Carmen (Mexico):
    vimeo.com/552165934 (password: infanta_xcaret)

    Animated music video for Netflix's Song Exploder Series, Season 2 Episode 5 (full episode available on the platform):

    To see more of my personal work you can go here:

    I'm also currently collaborating with another RCA London-based animator called Tom Humphreys, I feel his full-of-life movements and organic transitions would be a great asset if needed.

    Here's a bit of his work:
    Animated segment for "Other Side of Paradise" Documentary:
    vimeo.com/649478188 (password: screener58!

    I'm sure we could be a great team!

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch, my email is:

    Would love to hear from you. All the best,

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