Looking for female screenwriters for an interesting and unusual project. Paid. Get in touch for more information


  • Hi Rosie,
    I know this reply might come rather late. But, I am a Creative Writing graduate who has specialised in screenwriting. In the past year, I have written a feature-length film 'Pink Lemonade'. I have also participated in other projects where I have edited and given creative advice to writers.
    I would be really interested in participating in your project. If you want to get to know more of my work just drop me an email melissa.catarina.santos@gmail.com

  • Hi Rosie,

    I hope that you are well?

    My name is Bex, I am a freelance writer with a varied set of published articles from articles on social media and how it affects the minds of young entrepeneurs, poems on on a modern love yet taking notes from the Greek mythology story of Eros and more, which I am happy to share with you.

    My writing has tones of sharp honesty, sarcastic and dark humour with the main undertone being serious topics. Be that love, friendships, relationships with others and ourselves, and societal debates. I like to delve deep into topics to re write the narrative and give readers a new way of thinking. My main aim in my writing is to either reassure, inspire and strike a chord. I also enjoy writing articles on young or up and coming creatives to use my passion to show more people theirs.

    With this my main style of writing, I do have an easily adaptable voice and tone to support the need of zine.

    I would love to hear more about your project, please do get in touch with my email at bexmtx@gmail.com


  • Hi, This sounds very intriuging and I would love to hear more!
  • Hey Rosie! I am also interested! Please check more of my work out hre: http://www.jadeshamraeff.com My email is jade.shamraeff@gmail.com
  • Hi Rosie, I'd love to know more!

    I graduated with a First in Film, TV & Digital Production degree, specialising in Screenwriting and have written plenty of shorts, a pilot (and am working on my next one, with some guidance from TV writer and all around lovely person Kirstie Swain) and am always up for my next challenge!
  • Hello Rosie, I'd love to hear more about your project. Here's a link to my film work: https://www.christinehooper.com/scriptwriting-directing
    If you'd like to get in touch here's my contact details: https://www.christinehooper.com/contact
  • Very interested. Writer/Director. I have written several short films and recently a feature. I mostly work in some form of drama, my most recent projects being period drama and dystopia.

    @anastasiasoev on all social media
    my work: anastasiasoev.com
  • Hi Rosie,

    I'm interested! Please see my work here - https://www.taliramsey.com/film

    And email me here - tali_16@hotmail.co.uk

  • Experimental filmaker here! Would love to hear more and happy to share one of my recent scripts.
  • Definitely interested! My email is emilyreader15@hotmail.co.uk and you can check out my work at https://emilyreaderwriter.wordpress.com/
  • Hi Rosie,
    I'm really interested in this! I can send you a link to a film I wrote a couple years back. I have a lot of ideas and would love to hear more about this project and collaborate!
    My email is shmaimee@hotmail.co.uk - hope to hear from you!
  • Hi Rosie,

    I am a screenwriter and would be very much interested in the project! Let me know where should I send samples of my work:)



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