Looking for femxle trailblazers for a series of Feminist Networking Events!

The Big Art Herstory Project are planning their newest venture, with these sessions we will connect femxle professionals and career-starters working across the creative industries; allowing for femxle-led collaborations and passion projects. Feel free to nominate yourself or those who shouldn’t miss out!


  • Hey Zsofia -- You might be interested in our list of trailblazing women https://the-dots.com/account/edit/network/users/list/1356#noscroll

    Or check out any number of our projects where we highlight amazing women changing the creative industries. Here's our latest installment but there are tons more:

  • Her illustrations represents all the different types of women. Really pushing boundaries for the women's norm through her illustrations.

    Photographer & Video Director

    CEO + Freelancer
    Self-starter and very self sustaining. Despite mostly working alone in her projects, she always delivers high quality content and overcomes any challenges that crosses her path.

    Freelance stylist who really has an individual eye when it comes to fashion. Her narratives are completely out of the box and pushes her own boundaries. She produces most if not all of her shoots and always scouts the right creatives for her projects. She is always specific and always executes.

    I would also love to be be considered.

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