Looking for graduates who can give 30 mins to talk about their post-uni experience for a research project.

I'm working on building a graduate support community in Bristol to help people who've been out of uni for a while and are feeling a bit beaten down by work/life.

I want to help folks to connect with others based on their academic interests & build back confidence in themselves & their abilities, maybe even putting their brains to use in shared projects and stuff. I need to interview graduates though to hear about as many folks' experiences post-uni so I can best develop something worthwhile. Have you got 30 mins to give me? I'm a friendly chap and would appreciate it greatly :)


  • Hey Calum, I graduated from UAL, LCC in Design for Art Direction last summer, I'd love to talk more in depth about your project.
    Feel free to email me at shotbycurls@gmail.com
  • Hi Callum,

    I'm a recent graduate based in Bristol also who's just gone freelance! I'd be happy to have a chat with you' feel free to shoot me an email at day.graphicdesign@gmail.com :)

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