Looking for some network-building tips from you lovely folk if I may?

After a recent relocation and the pandemic (of course), my network has been left a little tattered. I've always relied on word of mouth and repeat work from happy clients and my network had grown organically from that.

I'm very friendly but starting a network from scratch (especially over the web) seems very alien to me, so any tips or advice on how to start or where to hunt for new clients is extremely welcome.

Thank you in advance!


  • @Chris Stokes You're welcome! And it's a nice feeling knowing that you've truly tried to help someone. There is so much negativity in the world nowadays that giving out positivity can feel much like a respite from it all!
  • @Ruth Keattch I love, love, love this. A great idea and actually really solidifies an idea I was brewing – thank you for this!
  • Give out advice, support others, and be open to talking to new people! The best way to get help is to give it!
  • @Caroline Bottomley Yes I think that's the bit I find tough – identifying people! But you are quite right, thank you for your tip, I'm getting some good feedback here!
  • @Vikki Ross I'm not super active on social media to be fair, I find it quite consuming but I sense I may have to change my habits! Thank for the tip though, I have seen a few people posting around their areas of expertise
  • I like identifying a person you would like to network with, identifying why, and then saying, "could I network with you, I would like to XYZ", ie have an idea of your reasons for networking, and letting your intended networking person how they could help you (if they want to)
  • Are you active on social media? Posting / writing articles about your area of expertise can attract clients. If someone likes what you say and stand for professionally, they can see how you'd fit with what they do.
  • A good start is posting a question like this. I'm going to keep an eye on this thread to see what people say. My experience so far is that, much like online socials generally, ongoing engagement with the platform is key. Beyond that, I've only been in a few talks but they've been very good - and afterwhich a follow up connect / message is easy.
    I generally follow up new connections with a little intro message to state what I'm about, but I've no idea if this is good or not. It might come across as 'salesy' but I figure it's nice to say hello beyond a connection accept.
  • Hi @Chris Stokes - Our upcoming webinar on Getting Started with The Dots (find work, network, upkill & more) should be super useful: https://the-dots.com/events/getting-started-with-the-dots-find-work-network-upskill-more-6135 Looking forward to hopefully seeing you there. Pip

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