Looking to commission some freelancer writers for a fashion based project.


  • Hi Jessica,

    I have written fashion-related posts for the likes of Burberry, Fendi and many high street labels too. I would love to know more, my Email is sanjay_008@hotmail.co.uk

  • Hey Jessie,

    Would love to find out more!

    I've worked with Clash, Noctis and Bricks magazine, as well as copywriting in-house for 111SKIN, Heidi Klein, Lazy Oaf & Alzang Store.

    Feel free to drop me a message on here or email me allboneslaura@gmail.com

    Laura x

  • Hey! Would love to be involved. My porfolio here: www.raviakashdeu.com
  • Hi I’d love to be involved too! My portfolio is online at www.daisy riley.me
  • Hi Jessie! This sounds interesting - I'd love some more info. Here's my portfolio: www.mishasimagination.com
  • Hi Jessie, I would love to learn more about this opportunity! I am a fashion and lifestyle writer and have covered a number of global fashion weeks this year. Here is a link to my portfolio to see some of my recent work: https://daisywallis.journoportfolio.com/ x
  • Hi Jessie, I hoipe you are keeping safe. If you are still looking, I am a fashion writer and researcher and would love to start on the project.
    I have linked my portfolio below:
  • Hello Jessie, are you still looking? Ex Fashion Editor here...

  • Hello Jessie,

    I am very interested in this opportunity if this is still going? I have worked in fashion companies and have some experience for this project.
  • Hello Jessie - I'd love to be involved. Drop me an email and I'd be happy to share my fashion work: hodgson.natasha@gmail.com x
  • Hi Jessie
    I have years of experience working in the beuaty market but I think you should look at my daughter's website as she has such a wonderful way with words. She has launched a new bikini range whilst in Morocco, she is also working with a very well known fashion label right now as a freelancer.
    Her website is: https://musebyplume.wordpress.com/published-work/
    It really is worth looking at.
    All the best
  • Hi Jessie, I’m a fashion photographer but also do writing as well. My instagram is @jeaniejeanphotos, fashion I’ve written about body positivity, history of fashion and punk x
  • I would love to get involved. I own my own fashion brand (www.joopsie.com) and have a writing portfolio here: https://jessieaoife.wixsite.com/portfolio
  • This sounds exciting. Drop me a message, I'd love to hear more about it. Or email me at alicerosedoleman@gmail.com. Thanks.
  • Hi Jessie,
    I’d love to know more details, feel free to connect and we can discuss further.
  • I'm interested, I regularly attended LFW, ran my own streetsyle blog and sleep with Teen Vogue's handbook at the foot of my bed! I'd be interested in this.

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