My background is in Business and Event marketing, I would like to start as a content creator and digital marketer, any advice to start?

I´m currently doing my Digital Marketing Master Degree.


  • Hey Fatima, here's some advice from my end :)
    1. Discover your niche: The most challenging aspect involves identifying precisely what you are passionate about and where your strengths lie. Understanding your niche ensures that your audience remains engaged and doesn't become perplexed or disinterested.
    2. Share posts with purpose: Every online post you publish should serve a specific objective, be it entertaining, educating, selling, or fulfilling another purpose. Avoid posting just for the sake of it, and ensure that each piece of content adds value to your audience.
    3. Define your goals and track progress: Having clear objectives is essential; however, achieving them becomes impractical if you don't establish a way to measure your success. Make sure to know how to track and evaluate your progress towards your goals.

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