NEED OPINIONS 🙏 What do you think of the current Quality Street website? How would you improve about it?


  • Hi @Ruby Latka , a while back I worked on websites for a number of similar UK brands. A common theme running across all of them is the question of what is the website for? Sites like this generally don’t play a significant role in driving sales nor, in most cases, do they contain an e-commerce element.

    They all have similar features - product pages, brand history timeline, contact us, and perhaps a social media campaign running, etc.

    Beyond that, finding a really useful purpose for them, and making them relevant to consumers, is something that never seemed to get solved. The result is that they all seem a bit irrelevant from a consumer point of view.

    One could also be forgiven for deducing that often the website was a bit of an unwelcome responsibility. No ones KPIs seemed to include visitor numbers, yet a well-known consumer brand must have a website, the responsibility for which has landed on someone’s plate, so they have to be seen to maintaining and ‘improving’ it, what ever that may mean.

    My starting point would be getting to grips with the question of what it’s for, other than it simply being there because there must be one.

    Having been here before, I wish you well with the project!
  • It's built on Drupal and looks like it - I say that because Drupal is a developers platform and design was alway secondary... or none existent. The website itself looks like someone chose the plain and safe web design option from the low priced website design selection box. It's not in the least bit inspiring, nor does it suggest quality. Their instagram looks way better, probably with much less effort, which leads to the questions - do you need a website?

    Full visual anaylsis is available... not for free though!!

    What information are you actually looking for? - a form woud be a better way to elicit useful information - as would some incentive. You can post my free box of quality street to my work address... lol
  • I would be grateful for all opinions 🙏 even if your not a designer.
    I'm collecting research for a project I'm completing with the Bright Network Virtual Internship.
    I might also conduct a survey through a Google Form or similar at a later stage. If you're interested let me know 💬

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