I'm working for a project of graduates that are looking for established creatives for their print publication.
The project, the New Agency Cookbook, is a new initiative from the New Agency publication created by UAL's LCC students (@wow_new_agency). The aim is to inspire students entering the professional industry by introducing creatives from different disciplines and discussing the 'recipes' of their work, with the cookbook serving as a visual metaphor.

We've put together a short Google form that should only take 15-20 minutes to complete. If you'd like to get you and your work published please message me on here or on my Instagram: @nalan.uck. Of course, you can also contact me for further questions :)

Thank you so much!


  • We can help you with creative illustrations. For more info visit our website
  • If you are looking for some food illustrations, this book for United Nations can be inspiring:
    There's more examples of my work on my website
  • @Simran Kaur Super nice idea! I'd be happy to contribute. I am a Creative Director with over 12 years experience working across London, Barcelona and Amsterdam :)
  • Hi there! My name is Zlata and I am a photographer and art-director. Would love to collab!
  • Hi, I'm Simran Kaur and I'm a fashion photographer and creative director based in London. I'm interested :) My website is My instagram is @simran_k_01 My email

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