pls I just want a creative job to break into the creative industry; gain more experience and quit my Sainsburys job is that too much to ask


  • Hi Shelomi,

    Theoretically it sounds easy but in reality like 60% of the illustrators struggles to make a living because there is no enough job. If you want to make t I would recommend to develop your own style, think about to expand for non fashion client and promote your work EVERYWHERE and for EVERYONE. Hope it helps!
  • Hi Shelomi,

    Keep the faith! I know it's disheartening when you feel like you can't get that break. However, it can take time — even years to secure that dream role. Break it down into smaller steps...

    Do you have any family or friends who could be supported by your skills? Could you work on a personal project to support your portfolio?

    Once you have case studies of how you've supported others, be proactive and use platforms like LinkedIn to reach out to people who may be hiring. Networking is often the way forward within the creative industries.

    I hope this helps. x
  • Hey Shelomi,

    Take control of your career and make it happen! When we're proactive, we feel productive, which helps us stay positive.

    If you haven't already, take the time to research who you want to work with then find their contact details (LinkedIn bios, company website, Google) and tell them. You never know when you might contact someone just at the moment they're thinking of looking for someone like you. At the very least, you'll make connections that may come in useful later.

    A bit more advice here:

    Good luck,

  • Hi Shelomi,

    I’m Jamil from The Dots! Here are my top tips to help you find work:

    1. Follow your favourite companies so you’re the first to know when they post jobs and call-outs:

    2. Build your network by connecting with people you already know, and people you want to know! (fun fact: 50-80% of jobs are filled through networking):

    Oh, and your newsfeed is the place to discover all the best opportunities to network, find work and more:

    I hope that helps!


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