Self employed folks: do you think of yourself as a "freelancer" or an "independent designer"?


  • I'm self-employed and I have my design business. When I first started, i thought myself as a freelancer. As time moved on, I actually don't like the idea of a "freelancer" - it feels like it's a side gig (it's isn't, it's my business, my livelihood!) and that you can get a cheap rate off me (not tht wither, I charged for the quality and value of my work).

    I see myself as a business owner or an entrepreneur. Just a change in word does a great (positive) deal to how I think of myself and my business and the value I add to my clients through my work!
  • @Luke Freeman yes they are absolutely different. I've very recently switched from freelance to independent designer, and its a differentiation I wasn't aware of when I first became self employed. I'm curious as to whether other folks had had a similar discovery!
  • Hello Laura,

    They have two different meanings, can’t label yourself as one of another if you did more likely to put yourself in a niece market.
    A freelancer is someone who is contracted by a company on temp contract for a project or brought in for a day or two.

    Independent designer means that the person works solo without a team or partnership. This can mean: on products to sell or self-initiated projects.

    It depends on the persons business model, how they wish to work and provide an income.

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