The Dotters on TikTok! Do you use it? Do you prefer it over Instagram? Has it been great for you and resulted in viral content?

Also, feel free to share your account so I can connect & follow!


  • @Paul Woodthorpe wow, thank so much for taking the time to share! Such an interesting perspective! I see TikTok as sea waves lol - you're not entirely sure which wave is good and will last long, but that's why people are experimenting and keep testing what works. I'll follow you there!
  • It depends on what you use it for.

    If you are a brand then if you can find a way to get something to go viral it is ridiculously good as a marketing platform. I believe a week or so ago a potato brand got a dance craze going and it has been copied by over 15M people, with everyone including celebrities doing it. You couldn't buy that kind of marketing these days, let alone for free.

    But if you are unable to get something going viral which 99% of people fail to do then it can be a really poor avenue to target.

    If you are using it as an influencer, or wanting to build a following for your skill then it is also a great platform. I have seen UK makeup artists do videos of themselves wearing facepainting makeup that is high quality and their videos go viral each time and have 100K followers inside of a month. So if you have a really good talent for something, and can showcase it really well (good lighting, good quality phone camera, good sound/mic) in less than 60 seconds and use the right hashtags, you can gain a LOT of followers. But you have to stand out from the crowd with something interesting that catches the eye in the first 2 seconds before it is scrolled past.

    There are two things that I have noticed in my use of TikTok that is important it seems.
    First - Original Content goes viral and is more viewed than copied content that uses the same soundtrack as the original.
    Second - Women do far better than men. And I am not even talking the bikini-model types. I am talking all women tend to gain far more followers than men. I have seen 30 year old women that live in the same town as me, work in retail full time who have gained over 50K of followers in just 3 or 4 months, just posting content that is a mix of original or copied dance routines, etc. Compare that to men and even some of the best looking, excellent content guys barely reach past 10K after months. It seems if you are normal looking, willing to post fresh content 2-3 times a day at least, and keep at it, you can gain 100K followers in about 6 months, regardless of age. And that is a lot of followers to market towards. And hence why a lot of these girls then look to make a revenue from their following and turn towards OnlyFans as a way to earn a revenue to mixed results.

    So my advice, if you are a female freelancer who is trying to grow herself or a brand she can showcase online, then posting to TikTok at least 3 times a day is going to build you a far bigger audience than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined.

    And yes, I am jealous it can't be the same for guys! haha
    TikTok: @PaulWoodthorpe
  • @Jochen Viegener Thanks for sharing! I gave the app a second chance after deleting it long time ago. I've found TikTok editing platform to offer more effects and editing options. Also, they're not as focused on monetizing the platform via ads yet so TikTok's algorithm is easier to utilize for growth than Instagram's, where for bigger accounts, the reach is limited and engagement is incredibly low! :)
  • Personally I have never used, neither privately nor work related. I can see how it might be a useful tool for certain companies especially in relation to fashion.
    I feel like most features offered by TikTok, can also be achieved via Instagram which seems to have a higher longterm reach to target audiences.

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