Tired of searching for on-line inspiration? What quick phrase do you use to get the ideas flowing?

For example:
Stop looking, start making.
What can’t A.I. do?
Invert the problem.
Articulate the purpose.
Find a simpler way.
Make the page smile.


  • @Matt Percival Yes!
    I find heading upstream from where the problem arose takes you to illuminating places - ‘why? x 7’ works.
    Thanks, keep on digging.
  • Hi @Peter Jackson, thanks for the on-line inspration!
    Always "Why..." at least 7 times – why was someone originally inspired or motivated to create the thing or idea you have to communicate, why would anyone want it, or want to engage with it?

    Then it's 'Dig deep and trust yourself' – if you're inately creative, and a decent human being, you'll find the spark that illuminates whatever it is, for whoever it's intended for, in a magical way.

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