Using Behance as an all-purpose portfolio, what you think about this platform?

Here's mine, feels like too messy since there's no way to divide projects by theme


  • Hey Giacomo, I believe Behance is more like an online art gallery.
    It is good to gather inspiration and appreciate projects, however, if you're looking to send this platform to companies/recruiters I feel the platform will draw them to look at other projects besides yours.

    Better to have a pdf presentation (interactive) of your work and have links to each project. The links can be for your dots page also, the dots are preferable due to its exclusivity which allows the audience to explore your page further.
  • Your question is right to the point. I'm using Behance, but have feeling that it's not the best platform for portfolio. Lets wait for more opinions.
  • Hi Giacomo,

    I don't use Behance but I was thinking about creating one. The reason for not having one yet was that as you said I think the project showcase feels too crammed.
    Anyway, I am really glad you asked this cause I'd love to hear other people's opinions!

  • It is a great platform, but it depends on portfolio purpose. It's great to connect with other creatives, but it's not making to good impresion in general. I like the fact you can easily create adobe portfolio and connect it with your behance. No need to double uploading your work and you have your portfolio separately as an independent page.

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