VANDL ART is looking for collaborators to discuss technologies impact on the art world (Think Ai, VR, AR).


  • Hi there! I specialize in Graphic Design and Digital Art. I did a short-animation film in VR. If you want to see, message me and I'll share the link to you. Feel free to check out my portfolio and Instagram account. Hope to hear from you soon!


    Nygilia (Ny)
  • It gives a chance to position yours creation in everyone pocket meaning phone. With geo position AR your can comment & sub-verse any localisation in the world with yours layers. Basically with the help of technology you don't need to show your art at the gallery or spray it on the walls you can do it digitally remotely from your device. The only question is to reach the audience, make one to look at it through its phone.
  • I'm currently doing a show through an online exhibition show and signed up to a new one that will follow this show. Mainly doing them as I cxannot do physical shows right now.

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