We are looking for up-and-coming, talented black photographers to help us shoot content for an exciting new publication...

The Liberation Initiatives, a black-owned business and force for systematic change against the social and economic disadvantages faced by the black community, is partnering with award-winning creative agency Rhapsody to launch five A4 magazines to be distributed as part of a national broadsheet newspaper during October 2021 to celebrate Black History Month.

Educational, sophisticated and thought-provoking, the Liberation Initiatives will deliver ground-breaking content to a readership of 1.1 million people, turning its back on the negative black narrative and acting as a positive force for change.

As part of this mission, the titles are looking for black British writers, editors and photographers to shape the content, as well as black-owned restaurants, brands, businesses, charities and organisations and exhibitions, books, films and TV shows that champion black talent. The five magazines will each cover a key theme: Arts & Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Sport & Wellbeing, Criminal Justice & Finance and Allyship, and each will have a prominent figure in the black community as its guest editor.

If you're interested in contributing, please contact: Jamie Rankin - jamie.rankin@rhapsodymedia.com


  • Hi, I’m a photographer and would really like to hear more. Here’s my website


  • hey! i am a photographer and i would love to get involved on this collaboration. This is my instagram and my website.
  • @Vicki Knight Hey Vicki, thats right - long time no see, hope you are well. Thank you for the tip-off, will reach out to Shanice.
  • Hi I would love to know more - verityhayday@gmail.com
    You can see some of my photography and writing on my websites.
    - journalism https://verityhayday.journoportfolio.com
    - https://verityhayday.wixsite.com/verityroseportfolio
  • Hi Jamie, I think you're Sophie's husband right ? Apologies if not. Anyhow, giving you details for Shan Mantey who I work with. She's just starting out. Give her a shout. shanicemantey@gmail.com, cheers Vicki

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