What are some examples of great brand strategy

I'm looking to get more into the brand strategy side of design and would love to see some awesome examples of the output of a brand strategist


  • @Alina Chirvase Thankyou Alina, for your response, I'll absolutely having a read of David Airey's book, if you have an personal anecdotes about your experience as a brand strategist, I'd love to learn more so will send a follow up DM
  • @Vikki Ross Thankyou Vikki, I'll absolutely have a look at Mark's work and hopefully pick up some info from the podcasts you've mentioned
  • Hi Oliver,

    I can't help much with the design side of strategy but I can help you with a super strategist to learn from, if you'd like. Mark Pollard shares wisdom and advice on social every day, and he always has great guests on his podcast:


    Also, @Craig Oldham may be able to help here.
  • Hi Oliver,

    Brand strategy is mostly about aligning values with actions and approaching positioning and reputation with integrity. Netflix, AirBnb or IKEA do this pretty well...

    For a practical and up-to-date view on how design and strategy work hand in hand "in the real world" I would recommend David Airey's book "ID". Please feel free to DM me, I have been working with SMEs and loved to work with creative industries organisations on brand strategy (even if now I try to shift my focus and research into a new type of creative business I want to launch.)

    Hope it's helpful.

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