What creative pursuits do people follow that are far removed from their day-to-day job?

Over the last few years I've become an obsessive 'potter' working at a wheel in a local studio when my time (and wallet) allow. It's a world away from my day-job as an Art Director. No computers, no ctrl-alt-delete and very very messy (at least I am). I love the fact that mistakes have to be lived with and can't just be erased with a quick-key. I love that I have clay under my nails for days after as a reminder that I worked on something. And I love that I can clutter my shelves and those of friends & family with the results of my mad spinning.

What creative endeavours do other pursue that spark their minds and excite their soul but are so very different to what they do day-to-day?


  • I sound so millenial haha but i'm really into rollerskating at the minute. Loving getting outdoors and being an absolute beginner. There's an excitement about having a new hobby and starting from absolute scratch!
  • Propagating plants from scratch is what the wheel does for you. Pure joy and mental time off. Taking off cuts on walks, from friends places or the odd restaurant :) and seeing them grow into bigger trees. Incredibly satisfying seeing them grow while also knowing they are cleaning your air for free. Plus a great gift for friends when you take their food scraps and bring them back as plants the next time you see them. Continue enjoying the mess and the lovely sound of clay and water on a spinning wheel!
  • @Laura Hurst All the best things happen in a shed. Even if it's only a metaphorical one.
  • I love knitting and crocheting, which is a bit different from being a graphic designer. I have no interest in designing my own patterns, it's purely the making that I enjoy. I can also see myself getting into woodwork or building stuff once we move to a house and I can have a shed.
  • Cooking has definitely become my thing over the last few years. I suppose I don't even think of it as a "creative pursuit" - it's more just about making sure we have something nice to eat each evening.

    But as it turns out, it's been a real journey of learning for me, and it's realy satisfying to spend an hour or so each day working to create something physical after all day staring at the screen.
  • @Joe Morrison My grandfather used to grow Bonsai. He'd grow them in half a scooped-out orange. When the roots grew through the skin he'd cut them back. It was a very calming routine for him and, as a kid I used to love watching him potter about in his greenhouse.
  • I started growing a bonsai tree from Amazon for £12. It’s very satisfying to plant and requires a bit of research to grow. Also being in a world where the reward is achieved quickly; it’s quite calming knowing that the tree will take time, patience and attention. Doesn’t have to be a bonsai tree but growing plants is always good.

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