What is the best way to present your creative work online? E.G - an online portfolio to link in emails. What websites are there? Thank you.�


  • Hi Laurel,
    I work on the visual field, so I am uncertain if my experience is relevant for you but hope the following helps:
    - I have a main site showcasing my work, processes, etc. This is comprehensive but leaves people the option to go deeper into my work or just get a general idea of what can I do with a quick look.
    - When applying to a specific role or introducing my work to a new company I create a short portfolio just for them, a trimmed version including both material that is relevant for their craft but also new elements they could introduce. This shows interest in the company/project and that you took time for research, understand their process, lingo, etc.
    - As someone who has recruited, I also appreciate a cover letter or introductory text that puts some context both on who you are, why you are applying and what will be your contribution. We the creative types spend so much time in our own projects that assume the outside world will also get them immediately.
    - I tried Squarespace for my site and whilst it is visually great, with beautiful templates, etc. I find there is more room for personalisation in Wix (it is also more user friendly).
    Hope this helps!
  • It depends on what you want to present. I second @Lewis Lister Canva is excellent if Adobe isn't your bag. I use Squarespace and Smart Mockups to display my work, it's been good to me so far. Funnily enough, The Dots is probably the best platform I've seen to do this outside of having your own website.

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