What is The Dots policy on allowing adverts for unpaid internships (especially long term ones) with no guarantee of employment at the end?


  • @Pip Jamieson Hi Pip thanks for this. It was a post I saw that prompted me to post this, because it was unpaid for a whole year with no pay. Didn't seem right! Good to know that these can be reported.
  • @Pip Jamieson Really great to hear that you take this position on this!
  • Hi Ilona,

    Thanks so much for posting this question, it’s a really important topic and one that I’m very passionate about.

    We have zero tolerance for unpaid internships on The Dots. For starters, they’re illegal, and secondly, they don’t help foster diversity – particularly socio-economic diversity – in the industry.

    When companies post internships, we ask them to confirm that the internship is minimum wage or above, before they post. If you do come across an internship post lying about this, please let us know asap by clicking the report button or emailing us at help@the-dots.com. We’ll take the internship down immediately, and put the company on our watch list and/or delete their company page, depending on how they respond to our feedback.

    Collaborations are a little more complex, here’s some great advice from The Dots’ mentors about when you should (and shouldn’t) work for free: https://the-dots.com/asks/working-for-free-should-you-shouldn-t-you-11294

    I hope that helps, and please do reply here if you have any further questions about this.

    Thanks again Ilona,


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