What practical and emotional skills to do require to go into graphic design logo/branding/UX/UI?

What do aspects of the sector do enjoy most/don't enjoy as much? And what are some of the challenges that creatives face in the sector?


  • Hi Qanitah,
    I would say that UX/UI have commonalities with other creative processes so probably your mind is wired in the right direction already.
    In terms of skills I would say that being observant, analytic, empathic, having a systemic thinking & structured mind, along with taxonomy expertise are definitely the main requirements.
    I attended a General Assembly webinar a while ago and put a graphic recording piece summarising the UX/UI process.
    Hope this helps!
  • You will surprised how much we as designer are in the marketing and communication business as much as we are in the creative one. Understanding that at an early stage will be an eye opener to drive the clear line between what is usually done as passion and what is done for generating outcome professionally to serve a certain need.

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