What's the best software to design for 3D printing?

We're looking into 3D printing, and have been requested for AMF and 3MF file formats! Firstly, which software is best to use? Does this support AMF and 3MF file formats?

Thanks so much for your help!


  • The best software very much depends on what you wish to create.
    If you wish to create some technical shape: with a base of square or cylindrical or other basic shapes with holes or pins. Freecad would be a very good choice I think.

    If you wish to create an organic shape, Blender 3D would be a good choice.

    Both software tools are free (gnu). Freecad is very easy to learn, Blender 3D is a bit more hard.

    The most common file format for 3D printing is .stl but Freecad can export also to .amf. Blender 3D can not export to .amf. so if you use blender you first have export in a blender file format (.obj, .stl or .ply) to Freecad and then you can export this as .amf which is also a mesh based file format.

    Altaugh a bit late, I hope this helps.

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