What's the best way we can help creatives during this challenging time?


  • @Guillaume Lechat What amazing photos you have on your shop! Can't wait for when this is all over to visit these places :) Hope you're staying safe Guillaume and thanks so much for your suggestion x
  • Support any artists that have online shops or workshops! And support doesn't have to be financially but even by sharing their work - my print shop is www.lechatprintshop.com :)
  • @shonay shote Yes totally agree with this! I've attended a couple virtual events these past weeks and it's been so lovely to connect with virtual communities everywhere - highly recommend the IN/DEVELOPMENT streams that are going on right now on our Events Hub, do join us if you're free during the week :)
  • @Nicole Chui Great suggestion! Really happy to know that the simple gesture of sharing work from our favourite creatives will make a big impact :) Stay safe Nicole x
  • @Sophie O'Connor (Hazelhurst) I really appreciate that point of view! I think a lot of discussion is focused on how we can make the most of this pandemic and while I think that's a good thing, it's also important to know that we don't have to make the most of a pandemic as it's a challenging time for everyone - thanks so much for such an important reminder, stay safe and take care xx
  • I've created a magazine! @anysegment
    The aim of the magazine is to help grow a network of photographers, illustrators and creative artists alike and help their work gain more publicity through the medium. It was started in support of charity, for people who may be suffering the most at the moment. If anyone would like to get involved or submit their work, don't hesitate to message me ~

    Perminder x
  • Stay home and learn something new, do some exercise. Finally, the virus will be controlled. Before that, let's avoid going out if not necessary, for the health and safety of ourselves and family. Stay strong.
  • I am with Nicole share it with others so others will be exposed to it and they might shar it with others
  • Share our work with others! Particularly artists and creatives in your community.
  • Be supportive. No pressure on anyone to do anything above and beyond what is needed. The worry and anxiety for a lot of people will be enough to deal with. I for one have two kids to take care of full time now and a house to run while my husband works from home. That is enough. Creativity will be my outlet not my income for now! Stay well x

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