What unique requirement or responsibility would you like to see appear on a job description list?


  • @Leoni interesting. Perhaps job descriptions can appear fixed, whereas opportunities offer growth?
  • Focus on personal skills and willing to do, not afraid of stepping out of comfort zone and not afraid of changing career path.
    Understand that if the person has the will power to learn and master a new job so she/he might be the perfect one even without the so called experience. Not all jobs are learnt at school. We all are more than just a resume. Personal skills are way more important than things anyone can learn by do them every day. Companies have to stop focusing on paper and more on the person in front of them.

  • @Peter Jackson LOVE this and yes, this would get me excited and make me feel the company is forward thinking, realistic and open to finding solutions plus trusting the person to come up with them is a win!
    I'll have a ponder and come up with some...... :)

  • @Gavin Kemp Brilliant.
    I really like the John Lloyd (Lloyd Northover) quote 'Solve the client’s problem not your own'.
  • @Linsey M Yes, any job. What would get you excited? For example - Requirement: you will be required to spend at least one day a week away from your computer walking around thinking about a problem that needs solving. You'll be responsible for sharing your findings...

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